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Federico Zichy Thyssen



Federico Zichy Thyssen, son of the Hungarian Count Gabor Zichy and Anita Thyssen, the only daughter of the German steel magnate Fritz Thyssen, Count Federico Zichy Thyssen was a prominent international agricultural businessman.

He was born in Germany into an aristocratic family, but having been raised in Argentina led him to develop a great passion for the gaucho tradition, agriculture, and livestock. Throughout his life, he dedicated himself to developing a successful career in the agricultural field, leaving a profound mark in this sector.

From a young age, Count Federico Zichy Thyssen demonstrated a great interest in livestock, which led him to acquire solid training in the area. Over time, he began to expand his knowledge and implement new techniques and technologies in his agricultural ventures in Argentina and Paraguay.

Having studied at the University of Cambridge, Zichy Thyssen stood out for his innovative vision, his ability to identify opportunities in the market, and to form high-capacity work teams. He founded and led successful agricultural businesses, both nationally and internationally. His approach was based on sustainable production and the application of responsible agricultural and livestock practices with the environment

As an agricultural businessman, Count Federico Zichy Thyssen invested in the development of advanced cultivation techniques and the acquisition of fertile land to maximize production.

In addition to his outstanding work as an agricultural businessman, Count Federico Zichy Thyssen also distinguished himself as a renowned breeder of Arabian horses.

From an early age, Count Zichy Thyssen developed a great interest in Arabian horses and became passionate about this noble breed. He dedicated significant time and resources to the breeding of these majestic animals, with the aim of preserving their lineage and promoting their genetic excellence

With his dedication and knowledge in the field of equine genetics, and also being an excellent rider, Count Zichy Thyssen managed to breed and develop lines of high-quality Arabian horses. He participated internationally in renowned equestrian exhibitions and competitions, where his horses stood out for their beauty, elegance, temperament, and skills

His involvement in the world of Arabian horse breeding was not just a hobby, but a true passion that led him to become a reference in the sector. His commitment to responsible breeding, animal care, and the preservation of the Arabian breed left a lasting legacy in the equestrian community.

Outside of his business activity, Count Federico Zichy Thyssen was also recognized for his philanthropic work. He contributed to rural development programs and supported educational projects related to agriculture, with the aim of promoting the sustainable growth of rural communities.

In summary, Count Federico Zichy Thyssen left a prominent mark as an agricultural businessman, horse breeder, and philanthropist.”


The Foundation was created with the purpose of making donations and charitable works.


Actions taken

We strongly believe that all species have invaluable intrinsic value and are essential for the balance of our ecosystems. Our initiatives in this area range from funding research to direct conservation projects.

We focus on closely collaborating with teams of researchers and conservationists who are working on the ground to better understand the threats that these species face and how we can effectively combat them. These research efforts are crucial to design and implement evidence-based conservation strategies.

In parallel, we support the creation and maintenance of natural reserves that provide safe havens for endangered wildlife. These protected areas help to preserve natural habitats and facilitate conservation and reproduction efforts. Additionally, we work to ensure that local communities are active participants and beneficiaries of these projects, creating employment and education opportunities


Enabled by the generous support of the Budapester Foundation, The University of London is pleased to announce the availability of a new undergraduate scholarship, delivered through distance-learning and in partnership with London School of Economics and Political Science, for the 2024-25 academic year.

As stated in the will of Federico Zichy Thyssen and the charitable objectives of the Budapester Foundation, the scholarship will be awarded by the University to a student either resident in, or from

The Budapester Foundation has three fundamental pillars, outlined in its founding statutes:

• the protection of endangered wildlife;
• the promotion of education through university scholarships;
• the support of non-profit foundations or entities that carry out charitable works in African communities.

Education is an essential pillar for the Foundation, operating under the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of their background.

This directly supports the University of London’s mission to be the UK’s leading provider of distance learning worldwide, ensuring that we continue to increase the number of people around the world who can benefit most from education.

The Budapester Foundation scholarship for the 2024-25 academic year will cover tuition fees for a student embarking on one of our distance-learning programmes, delivered under academic direction from the London School of Economics and in partnership with 2U.

These programmes include:
• BSc in Economics
• BSc in Economics and Management
• BSc in International Relations
The University therefore invites applications from candidates who:
• Are either Hungarian nationals or who reside in Hungary, and
• Wish to study one of our distance-learning courses (as listed above)


The Budapester Foundation was conceived with the mission of being a beacon of charity and kindness, to drive substantive changes in people’s lives and in the natural world. Our three fundamental pillars, outlined in our founding statutes, are the protection of endangered wildlife, the promotion of education through university scholarships, and the support of non-profit foundations or entities that carry out charitable works in African communities.

Protecting endangered wildlife is our primary goal. We recognize that each species plays a vital role in the balance of our ecosystems, and we work tirelessly to ensure their survival. Through donations and collaborations, the Budapester Foundation invests resources to preserve and safeguard these treasures of nature.

Education is another essential pillar for us. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of their background.

Lastly, the third pillar of our foundation is the commitment to needy communities in Africa.

Our vision at the Budapester Foundation is of a world where education, nature, and solidarity intertwine to build a brighter future. We are committed to driving this change and we hope that many people will join us in this endeavor.